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Recofloor, the UK’s vinyl flooring recycling scheme, is accepting entries for its 2018 annual Awards Event, which will kick off at Liverpool Football Club’s prestigious Anfield ground on Thursday April 26th 2018.

The Recofloor 2018 Annual Awards Event kicks off at Anfield, Liverpool Football Club's ground.

The Recofloor 2018 Annual Awards Event kicks off at Anfield, Liverpool Football Club’s ground.

Hosted by footballing legend Kevin Keegan, the event celebrates members’ achievements and commitment to the scheme, established eight years ago by leading flooring manufacturers Polyflor and Altro.

Several award categories are open for entry submissions, alongside the Recofloor Gold, Silver and Bronze awards and entries can be submitted online at www.recofloor.org.

Recofloor presents Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to collectors based on the volume and quality of vinyl waste collected annually from January to December.

The Contractor of the Year category acknowledges collectors who have demonstrated commitment to the scheme, while 
Distributor of the Year recognises distributors who play a significant role in the scheme’s success by promoting it to their customers.

Members can enter any of the following categories: Contractor of the Year, Distributor of the Year, Project of the year, Recofloor Champion and Drop-Off Site User of the Year.

The other categories are Brand Ambassador, Greatest Improver, Best Newcomer, Outstanding Achievement and Longstanding Service. The short list and eventual winners of these categories are nominated by Recofloor. The deadline for entries is March 9th 2018.

Competition for the awards is always keen and previous winners, like Rita Fortune, Marketing Manager at Dublin-based PFL can testify to the business benefits of receiving an accolade.

“It was an amazing surprise to receive the award, although it would not have been possible without the foresight of Polyflor and Altro to introduce this ground-breaking scheme,” says Rita, who was named Recofloor Champion at the 2017 Awards Event. “PFL were behind the scheme 100% from the start. Winning an award enables us to demonstrate our commitment to recycling and raise our company profile. In turn, this helps us to promote the scheme to our customers, so they can save on disposal costs.”

An enthusiastic Recofloor supporter, Rita actively promotes the scheme by displaying and distributing collection bags at their warehouse. She adds: “We are all very aware of the problems facing both Ireland and the UK with more and more waste going into landfill. It’s up to everyone involved to create positive change step by step and keep forging ahead. Everyone I met at the Recofloor awards felt the same.”

Recofloor is growing collection volumes year-on-year through its network of 700-plus collectors and more than 60 drop-off sites across the UK and Ireland. Nearly 3,800 tonnes of waste vinyl flooring have now been recycled through Recofloor back into new flooring and other products.

Recofloor Project Manager Joe Gardner comments: “As the high point in Recofloor’s calendar, the Annual Awards is eagerly anticipated by our members. We look forward to celebrating our achievements with both longstanding and new members in April.”

Signing up is easy and further information about Recofloor is available from www.recofloor.org.  Contact 0161 355 7618 or email info@recofloor.org.


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RecoMed, the expanding PVC takeback scheme for medical devices, has won the Chartered Institute of Waste Management’s (CIWM) Sustainability and Resource Award for Best Recycling Project 2017.

It’s the scheme’s fourth award since it was established in 2014. Having grown year-on-year, RecoMed now operates in 11 hospitals across the UK with more than 10 new ones currently in the process of implementing the scheme.

Run in partnership by Axion and the British Plastics Federation with funding from VinylPlus®, the voluntary sustainable development programme of the European PVC industry, RecoMed is the UK’s first PVC takeback scheme for single-use medical devices from hospitals.

RecoMed saves participating hospitals money on disposal costs by putting devices into recycling containers for collection rather than sending them for incineration or specialist landfill. Uncontaminated items collected in the scheme include oxygen and anaesthetic masks, oxygen tubing and IV bags.

So far, the scheme has recycled over 5,000kg of uncontaminated PVC (equivalent to over 150,000 masks), 2,800kg of which has been collected this year alone.

The collection of devices is all managed by RecoMed. Hospital staff contact the RecoMed team when they are ready for a collection and a logistics company is then organised to exchange the full pallet crates with empty crates. The material is transported to a specialised recycler where it is transformed into horticultural products such as tree ties.

Commenting on the award, Jane Gardner of Axion says: “The scheme has gone from strength to strength, with 2017 seeing an exponential increase in the volume of PVC medical device waste collected. We hope this award will help to further showcase the scheme’s sustainability goals and we are excited about growing the number of hospitals where it is implemented.”

BPF Senior Industrial Issues Executive Matt Davies states: “RecoMed is flourishing and we are very proud that the scheme has won its fourth award. As it is implemented in more hospitals, even more valuable material can be recovered and put to good use in new applications.”

Brigitte Dero, VinylPlus General Manager adds: “Looking at the successful results of RecoMed, we, as VinylPlus, are proud to fund this scheme since 2014. The RecoMed scheme is a concrete example of how PVC waste – in this case PVC used in medical applications – can be recovered safely and used in new applications. VinylPlus will continue to invest in the recycling of medical devices in the future.”

For further information on the RecoMed scheme, contact Jane Gardner at jgardner@axiongroup.co.uk or Matt Davies at mdavies@bpf.co.uk.

Left to right: Jim Kendall, Operations Director for London Energy, Jane Gardner and Jo Caulfield, comedian

Left to right: Jim Kendall, Operations Director for London Energy, Jane Gardner and Jo Caulfield, comedian


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Axion Polymers has re-formulated its recycled ABS polymer product to give improved physical properties and a superior surface finish suitable for diverse applications from corner supports in window frames to furniture component parts.

Improved ABS grades from Axion Polymers

Improved ABS grades from Axion Polymers

In response to customer feedback, the Manchester-based plastics recycler has invested significantly in re-compounding its 100% recycled Axpoly® ABS 52 raw material to deliver a higher impact strength and a shinier, deeper-black finish. The new Axpoly® ABS grade reference is ‘ABS 52 1003’.

Recovered from the non-metallic waste fraction from end-of-life vehicles, the Axpoly® ABS resins deliver a carbon footprint saving of ~90% when compared with virgin ABS made from petrochemical feedstocks. That level of saving is equivalent to driving a forty-foot lorry 45,000 miles, based upon a single 20-tonne order of Axpoly ABS.

Continued process development, including a focus on purification and accurate quality analysis, is a key factor behind the polymer’s improved characteristics, according to Axion’s Product Development Technologist Mark Keenan.

He comments: “This has been confirmed by one of our customers who said it made a ‘massive difference’ in a visually-critical product. Another customer who sampled our new ABS grade told us ‘it works for us’ and wanted their 100-tonne order delivered as soon as possible.”

With its more consistent and better surface finish, the new ABS polymer is suitable for durable goods where higher strength and aesthetics are important customer requirements. Applications include office and home furniture products and assembly parts for the construction sector, as well as a wide range of components for electrical goods.

Welcoming on-going customer feedback that ‘keeps the challenge of our business moving forward and driving growth’, Axion Director Keith Freegard says further investment will be made in staff and product development over the coming months.

“Our next priority is to focus on getting higher impact strengths for even tougher applications,” adds Keith. “Having experienced record sales in October and November, we’re looking forward to carrying on our profitable growth trend. So watch this space from early 2018 when we expect to add more grades to our growing ABS range.”

Axion Polymers is part of the Axion Group that develops and operates innovative resource recovery and processing solutions for recycling waste materials. The Group works with a wide range of clients within the recycling and process industries on the practical development of new processing and collection methods.

For more information, contact Axion Polymers on 161 737 6124 or visit the website – www.axiongroup.co.uk @axionpolymers.



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Konrad Webster has joined thermoforming specialist Belgrade Polymer Products as Customer Service Advisor in a new restructured administrative, marketing and customer-facing role.

Belgrade Polymer Products - Konrad Webster

Belgrade Polymer Products – Konrad Webster

His appointment comes at a time of expansion for the Wellingborough-based company which is experiencing growth across both its UK and export markets in Europe and beyond.

Belgrade’s General Manager, Patrick Burke comments: “We are delighted to welcome Konrad as a key member of our team as we continue to invest in the business and drive further growth and wish him success in his new career.”

Konrad, a Coventry University graduate with an MA in International Relations, was previously Relief Deputy Manager at William Hill Bookmakers. He comments: “I was attracted by a new challenge in an interesting, diverse and cross-functional role, which will enable me to gain experience in all aspects of the manufacturing process and further enhance our service to customers.”

Offering a fast and flexible service, Belgrade Polymer Products manufactures bespoke products to customers’ exact requirements in a diverse range of industries. Materials offered include PP, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, HIPS and ABS ranging in thickness from 0.5mm to 5mm.

For more information, contact Belgrade Polymer Products on 01933 222205 or visit the website – www.belgrade-polymer.com.


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The collection and recycling of waste PVC in the UK reached a new high of 120,392 tonnes in 2016, according to latest figures from Recovinyl, the PVC industry’s recycling scheme.

Recovinyl:  waste PVC-U frames awaiting recycling

Recovinyl: waste PVC-U frames awaiting recycling

It’s an increase of 12% compared to the previous year (2015: 107,593). The window profiles recycled represent the equivalent to more than five million window frames (5,158,483) or enough to glaze 515,848 houses (assuming each house has 10 windows). That’s enough to renovate all the dwellings in both Manchester (217,240 homes) and Liverpool (206,500 households).

The UK’s robust performance represents 21% of the total recycled across Europe with Recovinyl being the main contributor. A total of 560,492 tonnes of waste PVC was recycled through Recovinyl last year across its 18 European member countries. The Recovinyl network currently comprises 153 recycler partners.

Recovinyl is the organisation aimed at facilitating PVC waste collection and recycling within the VinylPlus framework of the European PVC industry’s Voluntary Commitments. This programme is tackling the sustainability challenges for PVC and delivery of current recycling targets to 2020.

Waste PVC-U profiles comprised 62% of the UK’s recycling achievement in 2016, with pipes, rigid and flexible PVC films and cables making up the rest.

“The recycling of PVC is maintaining an upward trend thanks to on-going investment in recycling infrastructure and strong commitment from the sector. It’s a significant achievement that demonstrates the sustainability of this readily-recyclable material,” comments Project Manager Jane Gardner of Axion, Recovinyl’s UK agents.

A major factor driving the recycling success is increasing demand from manufacturers for good quality recycled material. Capable of being recycled up to seven times without any loss of performance, PVC can be reused in many diverse new and long-life products from construction products such as windows to flooring and electrical components.

Cumulatively, some 3.5 million tonnes of PVC has been recycled through the Vinyl 2010 and VinylPlus frameworks across Europe since 2000. Building on this, Recovinyl’s strategy continues with consolidating and increasing the steady supply of PVC waste being recycled in Europe by creating demand – a ‘pull-market’ for recycled PVC material – from the converting industry.

Further recycling initiatives for PVC have been established in the UK, such as the collection of single-use waste PVC medical devices via RecoMed. RecoMed is funded by VinylPlus and undertaken jointly by Axion and the British Plastics Federation.

One of the objectives of the VinylPlus Voluntary Commitment is to recycle 800,000 tonnes of PVC waste per year by 2020, including 100,000 tonnes of difficult-to-recycle PVC through innovative recycling technologies.

Axion is part of the Axion Group that develops and optimises processing and collection methods to recover value from waste resources for a wide range of clients within the recycling and process industries. For further information, visit: www.axiongroup.co.uk and www.recovinyl.com.


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Axion Polymers has been shortlisted in two categories of the prestigious Plastic Industry Awards 2017 – for Best Recycled Product and Best Technology Application.Axion Polymers people - PI Awards2017 finalist - 2

The Manchester-based leading plastics recycler was selected as a double Finalist for demonstrating that its recycling process delivers excellent polymer product quality to customers demanding ‘as good as virgin’ standards. Axion are short-listed as finalists in a joint award application with their customer for Axpoly® PP51 polymer, 1 Env Solutions Ltd who manufacture and distribute vermin control systems in Essex.

And secondly, for the innovation, investment and effort that has gone into developing a world-class, technologically-advanced continuous process for materials recycling from end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) at its Shredder Waste Advanced Processing Plant (SWAPP).

In delivering the 95% recycling and recovery rate for cars, their Trafford Park facility creates a circular economic model for automotive materials. Axion’s process has increased recycling of non-metallic materials and plastics that make up 20 – 30% by mass of ELVs. Their high-grade Axpoly® recycled polymers can be used as a direct replacement for virgin polymer, or combined with virgin polymers for use in demanding applications, including the automotive sector.

Delighted with their double finalist placing, Axion Director Keith Freegard attributes their success to three ‘Ps’: product, process and people. He explains: “We’re happy because the first ‘P’ relates to our quality-controlled product, which comes from a known origin, has a measured carbon impact, offers consistent regular properties and is delivered reliably. That’s why our product’s successful.

“Our process – the second ‘P’ is clearly something we’re proud of, having invested so much effort, time and money and innovation into creating a plant, which we think is unique. Having applied good chemical engineering process principles, we treat the incoming material as a mixture of resources that need to be separated in an innovative and inventive manner.”

Keith stresses that neither of those two ‘Ps’ could have been achieved without the third, ‘really important’ one – People. He adds: “Our products only deliver all those benefits and attributes because our people are committed, well-motivated, work as a team and really care about delivering exactly what the customer wants.”

Axion Polymers is part of the Axion Group that develops and operates innovative resource recovery and processing solutions for recycling waste materials. The Group works with a wide range of clients within the recycling and process industries on the practical development of new processing and collection methods.

For more information, contact Axion Polymers on 161 737 6124 or visit the website – www.axiongroup.co.uk; @axionpolymers.


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S Norton & Co Ltd, one of the UK’s leading metal recyclers, has prioritised investment in new materials handling equipment and supporting its independent customer base after reporting a healthy return to profitability in its latest published accounts for 2016.

Investment at S Norton's Barking site in London

Investment at S Norton’s Barking site in London

New cranes are arriving at Barking as part of a £10 million overall investment programme in efficiency and capacity at their London site. Similar investments are also planned over the coming months across the family-owned Group’s Liverpool, Manchester and Southampton sites.

Robust performance over the past 12 months has put the Group into an ‘excellent position’ to push forward with their five-year plan aimed at driving future growth and enhancing service to its independent scrap producer partners, according to Chairman John Norton.

He says: “As a strong and forward-looking company, we are investing for the long term by making each of our four sites even more efficient and productive, enabling us to offer our valued suppliers competitive prices and fast payment terms.”

“Having built long-standing relationships based on trust with independent scrap merchants and industrial scrap producers across the UK, we are maintaining our focus on supporting and strengthening these partnerships as we move forward,” continued Mr Norton.

Charlie Norton, Purchasing Director, commented: “Our business is built on the trust shown and received from independent suppliers around the country. We value their loyalty and this is a key attribute upon which we will always strive to build and maintain in the interests of all parties.”

Charlie continued: “‘We are seeing increasing numbers of suppliers being attracted to our Barking and Southampton sites, where we can offer rapid turnaround and competitive prices because we are able to export direct from these sites by sea. In the Midlands we are offering road collection services direct from supplier yards to our Liverpool export site.”

He added: “In supporting the independent operators with prompt payment and friendly customer service, they in turn can thrive and prosper.”

For more information on the company visit the website at www.s-norton.com.


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At its Interplas 2017 debut on Stand B5, Belgrade Polymer Products will be showcasing its rapid prototyping and specialist thermoforming capabilities providing bespoke products for customers in a diverse range of industries.

Broadband cabinet bases manufactured by Belgrade Polymer Products

Broadband cabinet bases manufactured by Belgrade Polymer Products

Established in 1976, Belgrade offers a fast, friendly and flexible service manufacturing bespoke products to customers’ exact requirements. It supplies broad sectors from water treatment, building products, plumbing and heating to telecommunications, automotive, packaging, and chemicals.

Materials offered include PP, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, HIPS and ABS ranging in thickness from 0.5mm to 5mm. Computer programmes are directly downloaded from CAD to PLC. Quick release jigs are standard to give optimum load/unload times when progressing from one product to the next in production.

Belgrade Polymer Products’ experienced in-house team creates moulds from resin, wood, steel and machined or cast aluminium to suit all applications and customers’ bespoke specifications.

The company prides itself on working closely with clients to find solutions to their new concepts and can undertake the complete process of product development from design and prototype to manufacture.

Belgrade Polymer Products General Manager Patrick Burke comments: “Belgrade Polymer Products are one of the Thermoforming Industry’s best kept secrets. Exhibiting at Interplas 2017 will give our business the opportunity to communicate our message to the industry – unlimited thermoforming solutions.”

For more information, contact Belgrade Polymer Products on 01933 222205 or visit the website – www.belgrade-polymer.com.


Written by Kathy Wilkinson @wilkinsonprltd  #wilkinsonprltd Resource recovery specialist Axion Consulting has rebranded as ‘Axion’ with a new website – www.axiongroup.co.uk – to reinforce its positioning as ‘Circular Economy specialists’.

Axion's new website goes live in August

Axion’s new website goes live in August

The company’s high quality recycled polymers will still be supplied under the Axion Polymers branding, with its marketing and product documents getting a fresh new look. Axion’s consultancy services are offered under the new ‘Axion’ name with the tagline ‘Working towards a world where nothing goes to waste’. New logos for both Axion and Axion Polymers sport a dotted ‘o’, which reflects the circular economy, but is also inspired by the extruder head in polymer production. Commenting on the rebranding, Axion’s Marketing Manager Caroline Howarth says: “Attitudes towards waste and how we protect finite resources are changing. We see our role as helping to develop and support circular economy initiatives that provide a viable alternative to the ‘take, make, dispose’ model and where resource recovery and re-use become the default options.” The company’s manufacturing and consultancy operations are showcased on the one website – www.axiongroup.co.uk – where visitors can access full information on the comprehensive range of products, expertise and innovative services. Easier to navigate with a contemporary new look, the website also contains the latest news, job vacancies and expanded information about the company. This includes sections on services such as technical R&D, engineering and process optimisation, business and investor support, business and consumer engagement, expert opinion and specialist collections. Caroline adds: “We are rolling out the branding throughout our marketing materials such as service brochures, product information sheets, case studies, stationery and social media interfaces. We’re proud of our new up-to-date design and welcome feedback on what you think.” Axion Group develops and operates innovative resource recovery and processing solutions for recycling waste materials. The Group works with a wide range of clients, from Government agencies and local authorities to companies in diverse commercial sectors, on the practical development of new processing and collection methods to recover value from waste resources. For more information, contact Axion on 0161 426 7731 or visit the website – www.axiongroup.co.uk.

Carpet Recycling UK Director Laurance Bird at the 2017 Buying Groups' National Flooring Show

Carpet Recycling UK Director Laurance Bird at the 2017 Buying Groups’ National Flooring Show

Written by Kathy Wilkinson @wilkinsonprltd  #wilkinsonprltd

More retailers and flooring contractors are interested in diverting waste carpet from landfill and recognising the opportunities that this can generate for their businesses, reports Carpet Recycling UK.

Speaking after exhibiting at the 2017 Buying Groups’ National Flooring Show, Solihull in May, CRUK Director Laurance Bird said: “It’s great to hear how businesses have invested in recycling carpets based on our advice and returned to our stand to thank us for cost savings achieved and sustainability advances made.”

Growing interest in diverting carpets from landfill is helping to boost CRUK’s retailer membership, which now totals more than 50. “It was rewarding to hear how communications to consumers about recycling their waste have strengthened business opportunities for them,” added Laurance.

Carpet Recycling UK supports its retail members’ recycling endeavours with Point of Sale promotional packs, membership certificates and a listing on the CRUK website, confirming their commitment to improving their environmental credentials.

Collecting, segregating and recycling of clean fitting offcuts provides a route to further reducing waste disposal costs for retailers and creates more market opportunities by keeping it out of the general ‘dirty’ mixed waste streams.

Carpet Recycling UK’s 2017 Annual one-day Conference and Awards Event sets its sights on Circular Economy goals at Aston Villa Football Club in Birmingham on June 21st, offering an inspirational programme and ample networking opportunities. To register for the conference or for more information, please call Marie Rhodes on 0161 440 8325 or visit http://www.carpetrecyclinguk.com/book_for_conference_2017.php.